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Homeschool Support Organizations

   Homeschool Legal Defense Association
The Elijah Company
Homeschool Social Register
   Get in touch with other homeschoolers in your area at the Homeschool Social Register.
Home Educators Resource Directory
  Family Support Organizations

   Step through the door and follow FlyLady as she weaves her way through housecleaning and organizing tips with homespun
   humor, daily musings about life and love, the Sidetracked Home Executives (SHE™) system, and anything else that is on her
The Organized Home: Tips and Tools to Get Organized At Home
The Frugal Shopper
    Find Freebies, Special Offers, Great Deals, and Tips to Frugal Shopping!
Vision Forum
   Rebuilding the Christian Family, One Household at a Time.
Focus on the Family
American Family Association
Homeschool Central
   All the resources necessary to be a successful homeschool family.
Another Path
   A comprehensive guide to homeschooling your deaf or hard of hearing child.
  Classical Education

Calvert School
   Homeschooling Programs for Boys and Girls.
Essay Tigers
   One of the best essay writing services for students. Highly professional American writers and guaranteed on-time delivery.
Classical Homeschooling
   Classical education and its practical application in grades K-12 for homeschooling families.
Tapestry of Grace
Trivium Pursuit
   Here you will find resources which apply Christian Classical Education to Homeschooling.
Veritas Press
   A Full-Service Curriculum Provider with a Classical Specialization.
Well Trained Mind
   Classical education and home schooling information, guidelines, and links for home schoolers, afterschoolers, and other
   concerned parents.
Foundation for American Christian Education
   This Foundation publishes classical education curriculum and resources based on the Principle Approach® for Christian
   schools, home school parents, and Christians in general.
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  Materials and Resources

ABC Teach
   This is the place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. ABC Teach offers over 5000+ free printable pages!
Easy Fun School has free articles, resource links, a free newsletter, and many other features to help make homeschooling
   easier and more enjoyable, both for the child and the parent!
Enchanted Learning
Bob Jones University Press
   BJU has been providing biblically based materials to educate students in both elementary and secondary grade levels for over
   25 years.
   Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective.
Sonlight Curriculum
Delta Education
   Delta Education's mission is to be a partner in the science and math education process by providing teachers and parents with
   high quality programs and products that create effective, stimulating, and enriching learning experiences for students.
Whole Heart
   We’ll do all we can to encourage you and to equip you so you can build the kind of biblical home and godly heritage that God
   has put on your heart.
Love to Learn
Rainbow Resource
   Offering quality educational materials at discount prices.
Moore Foundation
   Hand in hand with homeschooling parents providing individualized curriculum, educational materials, and unit studies for
   Homeschool along with aid in learning disabilities, and gifted education.
Valeries Living Books provides nearly 100 pages of FREE resources for homeschooling families working to build excellent
   home libraries.
Widsom's Gate
   Serving the Christian community with quality materials which emphasize Character Building, Family Discipleship and Developing
   a Biblical Worldview.
Textbook Reviews
   We review public school textbooks from a conservative, Christian perspective.
Textbook Reviews
  Specific Subject Resources

Bible World History Timeline
Science Experiments and Links
Social Studies
Enchanted Learning (thematic units)
Crayola (art)
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  Helpful Magazines

Urban Homemaker
   We are a family-run business specializing in back-to-basics products for the homemaker.
Timberdoodle Co.
   Meeting the needs of home educators since 1985!
Home Education Magazine
   Home Education Magazine presents a uniquely homeschooling perspective based on years of experience.
Homeschool Today
   Homeschooling Today® Magazine-A focus not only on the mechanics of homeschooling, but also the mission and metrics.
No Greater Joy
   Training Parents to Train Their Children.
Home-School World
   The Official Website of Practical Homeschooling Magazine.
  Discussion Boards
   Homeschool Talk and Swap.
   Geared towards encouraging Christians to document their God stories in a permanent fashion by writing down what God is
   doing in our lives and the way He works in us and through us as we leave a spiritual legacy for generations to come.
  Buy, Sell or Trade

Educator's Exchange
   Buy, Sell, and Trade Used Curriculum.
C.H.E.A.P. (Conservative Home Educators' Advertising Pages)
   Convenient & free place to advertise or shop for great used and new books.
Great Homeschool Books
   Over 2000 Home School Titles 6,000+ used books.
Homeschool Used Books and Curriculum Exchange
   The ideal place to exchange used books!
Homestead Books
   Large assortment of used and new books for your family’s home-school. Sell your books on consignment!
Second Harvest Curriculum
The Back Pack
   New & Used Textbooks & Supplemental Materials.
   Homeschool Talk and Swap.
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